Energy Efficient Heating & Ventilation

Air Source Heat Pumps

If you have a swimming pool or thinking of installing one and are currently concerned about the costs of heating it, thanks to recent rises in energy costs (whether you're using oil, gas or electricity) - rises that are likely to get worse in the years to come - then now is the time to consider this energy efficient and green method.

Air Source Heat pump technology allows you to heat the water efficiently, at a fraction of the cost of conventional heating systems Of course you have to invest in the pump's installation in the first place, but with savings of around two-thirds on power consumption thereafter, pay-back can be three to five years in many instances.

Heat pumps are by no means a strange invention. Similar in operation to a refrigerator, they absorb energy in the form of heat and moisture from outside air, upgrading this energy to a usable form of heat through the unique ability of their refrigeration circuit.

Here at Home Counties we have over the years supplied many air source heat pumps and will typically recommend there selection for energy efficient pool heating.

During this time we have also seen and heard of many a sad tale where pool owners have selected price driven, non proven product with little to no field support post purchase. We therefore know the products and manufacturers which won't fail us or more importantly our customers.

With this in mind we offer and recommend a select number of manufacturers only, who provide us with proven reliable products embracing all budgets and all applications and requirements. Please contact us to learn more about the savings you could make and for our recommendations.

Gas Fired Heaters

Recommended to our customers The Pentair MasterTemp gas pool heaters are a quality driven product from the U.S.A.

Featuring corrosion resistant cupra nickel heat exchangers and an 82% thermal efficiency these exceptional pool heaters are regarded as the most efficient heaters in there class.

Compact with push button and digital controls the MasterTemp is as easy to operate as your home heating system

Call us about our trade in offers if you are considering updating your existing gas fired pool heater system.


Oil Fired Heaters

Available in sizes from 110,000 to 280,000 BTU the Certikin MK2 oil fired heater is the most comprehensive oil fired pool heater on the market.

Approved to latest OFTEC and EC standards and supported in the field by UK based technical expertise , the MK2 comes pre-plumbed for ease of installation , has a digital pool temperature display and is suitable for use with salt water pools.

Electric Heaters


The Elecro EVO TiTANIUM swimming pool heater is one of the latest addition to our growing product range.

As with the stainless steel model all units come fully equipped with a highly sensitive flow switch, control thermostat, high limiting safety thermostat and integral contactor / relay. The main difference is that the tank and element(s) are now being produced in Pure Titanium.

The decision was made to produce in Titanium for a number of reasons, not only for its super strength but also for its outstanding corrosion & erosion resistance properties.

The reason that Titanium is so tough in comparison to all other metals is that it is completely non-reactive, this means that the Titanium heater is also suitable for heating acids or virtually any liquids.

The Titanium heaters are as easy to install as the stainless steel model, all heaters are fitted with 1 BSP female threaded adapters for easy connection to any pipework.

All heaters are supplied with hose-tail adapters for connecting to flexible pipework, heater sizes 12-kW through to 18-kW are also supplied with 1 BSP unions for connection to rigid pipework.

Key Features...

  • Pure Titanium Flow Tube & Heating Element(s)
  • Thermostat You Control
  • Seperate Safety Thermostat
  • Integral Contactor / Relay
  • Reversible Flow Switch - Allowing water input from either direction