Owning Your Own Pool Is More Affordable Than Ever

The dream of home swimming has never been more achievable thanks to a wealth of modern day construction methods.

With over 30 years of pool installation experience and simply hundreds of installations throughout the South East, Home Counties offer you affordable choice backed by top class products and expertise.

Cascade Pools

An in-ground vinyl, lined pool.

Our Cascade Pools are constructed using multi cellular synthetic resin wall panels finished with a high quality and robust lacquered vinyl lining.

Endless Pools

A counter-current sectional panel , exercise pool and swimming machine

Home Counties are delighted to offer a supply and installation service for the-outstanding Endless Pools range of exercise pools.

Above Ground Pools

A choice of wooden or synthetic finishes

Fun for all the family, at a very affordable price, above ground pools represent the ideal introduction to home pool ownership.

Pool Refurbishment

We can make your pool as good as new!

Here at Home Counties we have a proven track record in restoring tired and distressed pools to their former glory.
With the typical cost of a new pool build today often exceeding £30k, why not refurbish your pool using one of the cost effective methods that we offer

Cover Systems & Enclosures

Home Counties have it covered!

We offer a wide range of pool cover systems from hydraulically operated safety covers to solar powered slatted systems , retractable enclosures and winter debris covers. Providing a full design and installation service for both new build and existing pools, our experience in this field will enable us to present to you the cover system best suited to your requirement and budget.

Equipment & Accessories

You name it, we have it!

We offer a wide range of swimming pool equipment and accessories, click here to see more.

Service & Maintenance

Let us take the strain

Home Counties team of trained pool and spa technicians are on hand to offer field support for all pool owners requirements, be it as simple as a valet service or as complex as a complete plant room overhaul.

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